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SustainableX Jochem van Drimmelen

Customer Experience Strategist & Concept Developer

I realize purpose-driven experiences by connecting customers and organizations based on trust. The result is a win-win for all stakeholders.

There was a time when I traveled a lot – as a flight attendant at KLM, and occasionally as a mountain climber. Living from a suitcase or backpack, I had the privilege of experiencing how special and versatile our planet is. During that time I learned two important lessons: the power of being customer-centric, and the importance of sustainability. I also came to realize that all progress starts with trust.

It is therefore my personal mission to achieve progress by building bridges, and in doing so, have a positive impact on a sustainable balance between people, planet and profit. It drives my ambition to help organizations in developing and realizing sustainable customer experiences.

My approach is to carefully fuse facts, opinions, interests and possibilities into original concepts and concrete solutions.

SustainableX is not a company and I am not self-employed. This is my personal website where I share my thoughts and ideas.

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Latest Articles

SustainableX corona covid-19

Will Corona encourage sustainable business?

Last week, the WHO formally declared the Corona (Covid-19) outbreak a pandemic. The economic impact of the virus is unprecedented and dramatic. Ironically, the environmental impact of its resulting lockdowns is quite positive: lower carbon emissions, less smog, and more time for your kids and nature walks. In the longer run, however, the impact is likely to be the far opposite. With so many companies struggling to survive, all resources will be needed to repair or rebuild the business. No surplus left to spend on charity or sustainability. Still, there is reason to be hopeful as well.

In the Age of Trust, ‘trust score’ is the KPI you need

We seem to be in the Age of Everything: the Age of the Customer, the Age of Artificial Intelligence, the Age of Data, the Age of Digital Transformation, the Age of Disruption, and so on. If there is one thing these ages have in common, it is their focus on delivering memorable customer experiences. But with a lack of integrity, experiences are destined to vaporize. Welcome in the Age of Trust.