Size does matter

Planes are big. And they’re getting bigger. It’s quite an impressive sight seeing such a piece of heavy machinery lift off like a hummingbird. Once airborne, we can look down on earth and watch objects getting smaller and smaller. Maybe it’s this large-scale view, maybe it’s the child in all of us, that inspires many to enjoy recreating real life in miniature.

Take, for instance, the famous miniature cities Madurodam in the Netherlands, Mini Europe in Belgium and Tobu World Square in Japan. And of course we’ve got our own miniatures as well, the KLM Delft Blue miniature houses. You may have even collected some.

Scanning social media every day, we have come across several great aviation miniatures, some of which I’d like to share with you.

Former KLM flight attendant Josje used an old catering container to recreate an incredibly detailed scene of a busy aircraft cabin at the time of boarding. The facial expressions, clothing and coffee machines … it’s an amazing job. And it’s all hand-made!

We were pleasantly surprised by the videos from Miguel Mercedes from Belgium, who seems to have used his kitchen table to create fabulous airport scenes. Cute!

Inspired by our Delft Blue houses, sculpture artist Jill Magid has reproduced the Empire State Building in Delft Blue.

German aircraft model-maker Wilfried Wolterinck amazed us all by building a scale model of a Boeing 747 – and have it actually take flight!

Interested in seeing a micro version of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport yourself? Enter our iFly sweepstake and win a VIP trip to Madurodam!

Do you know any great KLM-related miniature project? Let us know!

Originally posted on the KLM blog.

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