The evolution of social media (for businesses)

As the internet rapidly gained popularity in the 1990s, a fun cartoon suggested that getting hooked on our PC’s would put us way back in Darwin’s evolution theory. Once upright, Homo Erectus had evolved into Homo Sedens, a seated man. How are things looking now, two decades later?

As social media arrived and further developed in the new millennium, a similar cartoon illustrated the maternity of the internet. Rather than facing a devolution, we were now moving forward. Web 1.0 became web 2.0, and mankind became taller, more masculine and less hairy. The huge success of facebook and twitter proved that social media were here to stay. Businesses got more and more involved and are currently still learning how to deal with this new way of customer interaction.

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The evolution of communication (infographic)

I created an infographic that shows some key moments in time that significantly changed the way we communicate. Although undoubtedly incomplete, it does give a nice overview of the evolution of communication. What I found most remarkable when putting the list together, was that some techniques that I thought to be relatively new, appeared to be a lot older.

Communication is the first secondary need in life. At least, that’s my theory. Primary needs are what keeps you alive: oxygen, water, food and shelter. Secondary needs are what makes you live. Without communication, there wouldn’t be language, education, or expression of love. Even war is a form of communication, be it miscommunication if you’d ask me. Keep reading →

10 Features Google+ for Businesses will need

While over 25 million users are vividly beta testing Google+, many thousands of companies are impatiently hoping to get an invite to try Google+ for Businesses. Being among those impatient ones, I thought I’d set up a must-have feature list.

Google+ has broken all records. The network, which was launched on June 28, 2011, reached 10 million users on July 14. After just three weeks of operation it hit the 20 million user mark. On July 24, less than a month after its launch, Google+ had 25 million subscribers, making it the fastest growing social network of all time. Then realize it is still in beta and for invites only. Quite impressive! Keep reading →

Will Google+ be the next Big Thing?

Are you as tired as I am of keeping your social networks up-to-date? They pop up like daisies, and it seems totally useless to create yet another account on yet another network being launched. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, Gowalla… Why on earth would you add Google+ to that list? It better be good.

MySpace used to be it. Second Life looked very promising. Personally I like Tumblr, but it’s instable and doesn’t have enough crowd. Google Buzz never really took off. Facebook is immensely popular, but has privacy issues, a limited API and is user unfriendly. As social networks seem to come and go, why invest in one, when next year we all may switch to another? Keep reading →