Empowering employees to be online ambassadors

At Dell, they have been training thousands of staff members to become brand ambassadors. Not just to advocate their employer in the pub, but to actively engage with customers online. On behalf of the company. A great idea indeed, but would it work for every brand?

Social media call for a personal, human touch, and I am very much in favor of that. Who can better provide authenticity than an employee who is passionate about his job? Social media call for substantive answers and transparency as well, and who else has more expertise to answer questions than the internal specialist himself? Why leave it up to Headquarters to control the message? Keep reading →

KLM #LiveReply – answering tweets on YouTube


Picture this: an empty hangar, 500 pilots, stewardesses, mechanics and other uniformed KLM staff, a DJ, five cameras, a white carpet, and a Twitter and Facebook stream. Put them all together and you have a great concept for a unique social media experiment. Welcome to KLM #LiveReply!

I know it’s been a few weeks, but I still wanted to post a blog about this fun event. It was Monday, September 19, when we gathered around 11:30 in Hangar 12 at Schiphol East. We were going to reply to posts on social media, just like we do every day. But for one day, we thought we’d do so a bit different. During the next twelve hours, we were going to show the world that our replies are given by real people in real time, 24 hours a day. How? On video! Keep reading →