Google+ Community Ninja


On November 7, 2011, shortly after the introduction of Google+ business pages, I created an account for KLM. Together with our editorial team I started exploring, testing, and posting straight away. Learning by doing. And that didn’t go unnoticed… 

Being among the early adapters of Google+ and a big fan of it’s potential, I have been closely following its developments with great interest. So as rumor spread last year that Google would introduce business pages, I started fantasizing and sharing my ideas on what those pages should be like. And as the much anticipated moment finally came, I couldn’t be more eager to make sure that KLM would at least be among the first brands to jump in. It didn’t take long to post our first message.

KLM became a featured page, and our follower base has been growing rapidly since. By now, we’re looking forward to reaching the milestone of having been added to one million circles. Through Google+ we have been connecting with great new audiences, and now things are even getting better! I am pleasantly surprised that I have been rewarded as a Google+ Community Ninja. Needless to say that I feel honored, but the credits go out to the entire KLM social media team in the first place!

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