SustainableX marketing rockstars Graz

Marketing Rockstars Festival

[Keynote] – With 2000 attendees, the second edition of the Marketing Rockstars Festival in Graz, Austria was fully sold out. I was invited to give a keynote during this very well organized and inspiring one-day event. Zooming in on online reputation and issue management, I felt a bit like the odd man out between all those marketeers. But at the same time I think my talk added an interesting layer to the event’s program just as well.

SustainableX Nepal earthquake relief campaign

Giro555 relief campaign after Nepal earthquake

On April 25, 2015, Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake. Days after the disaster, the SHO – a Dutch foundation of cooperative relief organizations including UNICEF and Red Cross – organized a nationwide campaign to raise money for the victims. Rather than having the usual TV studio set-up with a celebrity call panel, they were aiming to focus on social media for the first time. I proposed to support them with KLM’s facilities, expertise, and experience on social media.