Giro555 relief campaign after Nepal earthquake

Giro555 Nepal

After Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake on 25 April 2015, the KLM Social Media Hub played a key role in the Dutch national fundraising campaign.

Soon after the disaster, the SHO, a Dutch foundation of cooperative relief organizations including UNICEF and Red Cross, initiated a nationwide campaign to raise money for the victims. But rather than having the usual TV studio set-up with a celebrity call panel, they were aiming to focus on social media for the first time. I proposed to support them with KLM’s facilities, expertise, and experience on social media.

SHO (Stichting Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties) happily accepted the offer, after which we transformed the KLM Social Media Hub into the Giro555 Social Hub for a day. During the campaign day on May 1st, about 50 KLM social media agents were more than eager to volunteer and come to office in their spare time. Meanwhile, I supported the SHO team at their main campaign location in Amsterdam, still surrounded by countless celebrities and TV cameras. I felt honored to be part of this unique cooperation.

KLM and UNICEF have been partners since 2013.

More images at available

UPDATE 26 November 2015

Read the article in KLM’s September 2015 edition of Holland Herald inflight magazine (page 95).

Following our fruitful cooperation we invited all SHO members, as well as the Dutch branch of Doctors Without Borders and Wings of Support for an exclusive social media workshop.

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