Digging into KLM’s Social Customer Service success story

Author: Paolo Fabrizio
Originally posted on LinkedIn.com

If I asked you ‘what’s the best-known Social Customer Service case study?’ I guess you’d answer ‘Sure, it’s KLM!’. In fact it’s no secret that this brand is often mentioned either online and also in Social Customer Service conventions, as one of the best-in-class examples of successful integration of social channels into the contact center. So, before you might think I’ll tell an old story I have an announcement for you: Today I’m NOT going to tell you about KLM.

Instead, I’ll let KLM talk about their own story thru the words of one their most important managers: Jochem Van Drimmelen, online reputation manager and social media advisor at KLM. So, without further ado, enjoy this special interview with Jochem.

8 Questions about KLM’s Social Customer Service

13 languages served, more than 200 social customer service agents, about 100.000 conversations every week, with an average of nearly 80% of customer satisfaction.

1. After almost six years, did you expect such impressive and amazing numbers?
Jochem: It has been quite an amazing journey indeed! I do recall a time in the early days where I said I could image that ‘one day’ we might have as many as 200 dedicated social media agents. But I don’t think I saw these volumes coming any time soon when I wrote a blog series about our strategy in 2012. Keep reading →