Social media strategy city of Rotterdam

In November 2015, the city of Rotterdam invited entrepreneurs, citizens and students for two co-creation sessions to help define its social media strategy.

In concert with HatRabbits, over a thousand ideas were produced and summarized in six main themes: listening, engaging, informing, connecting, responding and inspiring. The outcome of the sessions was shared with a number of experts in the field, who were asked to provide their view and help finetune the strategy. I was happy to be one of them. In 2016, Rotterdam and HatRabbits concluded the initiative by publishing an internal booklet with the city’s vision, titled ‘Social Media with Character’.

The future of social customer care at KLM

In a recent interview and keynote, my colleague Gert Wim ter Haar outlined where we’re headed with social media servicing at KLM.

Ever since I had the pleasure of posting the very first tweet for KLM back in 2009, we have been pioneering to deliver the best possible social media service and brand experience. The social landscape is constantly moving and innovations come fast. By anticipating and being eager to innovate, we have maintained our position as one of the world’s leading companies on social media.

Most important developments:

    • Social media have become a main entry point, next to company apps and .com.
    • A shift is taking place from public social platforms towards private messaging apps.
    • The majority of people only use a small number of apps on their mobile.
    • Third party bots and artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly be embedded in messaging apps.
    • At KLM, we’re using smart bots to bring .com functionalities to social.
    • Big Data and AI support agents in providing timely, correct and personal answers.

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