The ROI of happiness in Customer & Employee Experience

SustainableX happiness

Regardless whether you believe in putting your clients first or your employees, we must agree with Zappos founder Toni Hsieh that your chances on running a successful business raise considerably when you deliver happiness . Needless to say, businesses will thrive most when both customers and employees experience joy.

Offer a well designed customer journey (convenience) with personal support when desired (empathy), and you’re likely to have happy customers. Happy customers spend more money, spread the word, and will eventually bring in new prospects. Likewise, offer an employee journey with the best tools (convenience) and the trust and attention your staff needs (empathy), and you’re likely to have happy employees. Happy employees will advocate your brand, boost client loyalty, and bring in more prospects.

Translated to a simple formula, my recipe for success looks like this:

SustainableX ROI of happiness in customer and employee experience

Et voilà, here is your answer to an often asked question: what do I get in return for offering excellent service? Well, if you deliver operational excellence and empower service professionals to do what they do best, it will pay off in both hard (money) and soft (reputation) ROI.

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