The Service Experience Alphabet©

The secret to applying 26 human powers that can’t be automated


Soft skills are the USP in customer-facing roles. They provide the human touch in service environments, which is becoming increasingly rare, and therefore increasingly valuable. The Service Experience Alphabet© summarizes 26 of the most essential human characteristics that technology cannot replace, and shares the secrets on how to apply these effectively.

This alphabet is a deeper dive into the mindset that is needed to make a difference as a service professional. It can help you to determine service standards, and can be used for training and coaching purposes. If you’re a recruiter, it can be helpful for hiring new employees. And if you’re a service professional yourself, you can give the alphabet a try right away.

You are more than welcome to download and use the entire alphabet (A to Z) at no cost. You’ll find a link at the bottom of this page. I would very much appreciate your comment below on how and where you applied it. I’d also be interested in your thoughts about possible improvements. I can think of alternatives for most letters, but this selection pretty much covers the essence.


SustainableX service experience alphabet A
You are the owner and sender of your messages, so choose your words as an individual. Tailored instead of one-size-fits-all. Clients will sooner or later sense scripted or copy / paste replies, be it online, in an email, on the phone or face-to-face.
SustainableX service experience alphabet B
Stay in control and draw a line when necessary. Lead the conversation and know when to end it. Don’t go onto the defensive or persist in making a point. Avoid sparking a debate, or you’re likely going to lose a client. Leverage commercial opportunities if appropriate.
SustainableX service experience alphabet C
Forget the “yes, but” trap as much as possible. Think in terms of possibilities, rather than limitations. Offer a choice or an alternative. Try new things and consider out-of-the-box solutions that bring a smile to a client’s face. Keep policies and compliance in mind though.
SustainableX service experience alphabet D
Privacy is more than a GDPR requirement. It’s equally about your personal respect for others. Only store data which serves the interest of your clients. Make sure to use secure channels only when exchanging personal information online.
SustainableX service experience alphabet E
Let quality prevail over quantity and deliver first-contact resolutions. Quick fixes don’t last, so eliminate root-causes when possible. Focus on frequent irritators and key moments in the customer journey. It may take some extra time now, but it will prove time well spent.
SustainableX service experience alphabet F
Be an ambassador for the brand you represent, even if you are employed by a third party. Show enthusiasm about what you do. Continue this attitude when you are off-duty just as well. To a (potential) client, you are the brand.
SustainableX service experience alphabet G
You only get what you give, so be positive and spread some love and sympathy. Appropriate humor can do wonders in breaking the ice. Depending on the brand you represent, you can even be edgy at times. Mind, however, never to downplay emotions.
SustainableX service experience alphabet H
Integrity is golden, so speak the truth at all times. Lies will backfire on you. People want to understand what they pay for, and so they expect clear answers. But be smart, it doesn’t mean you have to reveal all your strategic and confidential information.
SustainableX service experience alphabet download
Download your free copy of the entire Service Experience Alphabet© (A to Z) here. Upon request, a full-size A0 poster is available as well. Just let me know and I’ll send it to you.


  • By downloading this file, I accept that I will claim neither ownership nor copyright of the Service Experience Alphabet©. When sharing or (re)distributing it in any way, I will always refer to as the original source of information. (Re)sharing or (re)distribution is allowed under the strict condition that neither I nor anyone else will charge for it in any way. I will use the Service Experience Alphabet© as is, and will not alter its title or content without the consent of the author. In case I have suggestions for improving the alphabet, I will contact the author via


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3 thoughts on “The Service Experience Alphabet ©

  1. Paul Reply

    Woow, lots here that I can relate to and recognise from daily customer / service staff interface experience. A useful tool to apply.

  2. Peter Beszelsen Reply

    You’ve always been an example for me when it comes to customer engagement Jochem. With these guidelines I hope to maintain and preferably even raise the service bar within our organisation that prides itself in having a unique relationship with its customers as well. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    • Jochem van Drimmelen Post authorReply

      Hi Peter, thanks for your very kind words! Great to hear that you’re considering to apply the alphabet at OmniAccess in Spain! Feel free to contact me if you ever need any further elaboration on any of the letters.

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