About me


My main drive is to create and see things come to live. No compliment is more valuable to me than learning that someone felt inspired by it. I am at my best when I feel that I’m on to something – a smart solution, a root-cause analysis, or a unique concept. I am inquisitive, thoughtful and open-minded. Authenticity, integrity, transparency and equivalence are important values to me. Professionally, I advise on a strategic level and operate on a tactical level, while enjoying hands-on involvement just as well. I take initiatives and have a strong focus on customer experience and the achievement of quality in the broadest sense.

I’ve been a pioneer in social media servicing by developing and successfully implementing a unique body of thoughts at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It involved tone of voice, engagement tactics, online reputation management, and a proven way of working. It contributed to a cultural change at KLM, and raised the bar on the world’s highest standards in online servicing. In my current position as the Social Media Manager of UWV, I am responsible for defining and executing the organization’s social media strategy and roadmap.

I specialize in translating client feedback into feasible and desirable improvements of the customer journey – putting the customer first without losing out on business objectives. I can help companies to bring their omnichannel servicing to the next level, train agents on soft skills and empowerment, and win the hearts of brand ambassadors. I come in where humans and technology meet, hence my logo.

In 2015, I was involved with defining the purpose of KLM: “moving your world”. It included below short interview in which I spoke about finding the best possible solutions through cooperation, equivalence and empowerment.



Communication is the first secondary need in life

“Communication is the first secondary need in life”. I came to that conclusion in 1996, when writing a short essay on cultural differences. Primary needs are the things that keep us alive, like oxygen, water, food and shelter. The way I see it, secondary needs are the things that make us live. And that all starts with communication. Without communication – be it verbal, non-verbal or physical – there would be no expression, including language, interaction, empathy, education, art, science, humor, values or self-reflection. Even love and hate wouldn’t be without it. Progression – and thus customer experience – starts with proper communication. Decline with mis-communication. In my mountaineering days it was our golden rule: “communicate or die”. I believe it is the most important asset in life.

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