Building bridges


It is my personal mission to have a positive impact on people, planet and prosperity. With a strong drive to create and see things come to life, I can help your organization in developing and realizing sustainable customer experiences. I achieve progress by building bridges between your interests and those of your target group, such as customers or residents.

As a “multipotentialite” with a focus on customer experience, I am versatile. On the one hand as an advisor or concept developer, and on the other hand as a perfectionist in the execution. My strength is to deliver well-considered and original solutions, based on analysis, intuition and creativity. I am at my best when I feel that Iโ€™m on to something โ€“ a smart solution, a root-cause analysis, or a unique concept. When I commit myself to a challenge, experienced or not, the result is likely something beyond expectations. No compliment is more valuable to me than learning that someone felt inspired by it.

I am inquisitive, thoughtful and open-minded. Authenticity, transparency, equivalence, trust and integrity are important values to me. I always listen before I speak.

Professionally, I advise on a strategic level and operate on a tactical level, enjoying hands-on involvement just as well. I take initiatives, and have a strong focus on customer experience and achieving quality in the broadest sense. I am an experienced pioneer, advisor, trainer and manager, who collaborates with a mindset focused on purpose, connection and quality in the broadest sense.


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Jochem van Drimmelen