Your Purpose is not your Why

Simon Sinek has become known for his Golden Circle: the idea that “people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”. He stimulates organizations to find their “Why”, and express this is their Purpose statement. I came to realize that Why and Purpose are not the same, so I wrote him an open letter.

The business case for a Sustainable Customer Experience

It has been well over a year since the Covid-19 pandemic took our full attention. For obvious reasons, healthcare has been postponing economic ambitions in most countries, and many businesses are having a hard time to survive. So why would you still invest in offering a sustainable customer experience?

SustainableX corona covid-19

Will Corona encourage sustainable business?

Last week, the WHO formally declared the Corona (Covid-19) outbreak a pandemic. The economic impact of the virus is unprecedented and dramatic. Ironically, the environmental impact of its resulting lockdowns is quite positive: lower carbon emissions, less smog, and more time for your kids and nature walks. In the longer run, however, the impact is likely to be the far opposite. With so many companies struggling to survive, all resources will be needed to repair or rebuild the business. No surplus left to spend on charity or sustainability. Still, there is reason to be hopeful as well.

In the Age of Trust, ‘trust score’ is the KPI you need

We seem to be in the Age of Everything: the Age of the Customer, the Age of Artificial Intelligence, the Age of Data, the Age of Digital Transformation, the Age of Disruption, and so on. If there is one thing these ages have in common, it is their focus on delivering memorable customer experiences. But with a lack of integrity, experiences are destined to vaporize. Welcome in the Age of Trust.

SustainableX happiness

The ROI of happiness in Customer & Employee Experience

Regardless whether you believe in putting your clients first or your employees, we must agree with Zappos founder Toni Hsieh that your chances on running a successful business raise considerably when you deliver happiness. Needless to say, businesses will thrive most when both customers and employees experience joy.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Humans

The Internet of Things is all around us, both enabling and enabled by Artificial Intelligence. It is rapidly changing the face of customer service, marginalizing the role of humans by the day. Does that mean that personal attention as we know it is doomed? The simple answer is no. To the contrary!

SustainableX KLM's social customer service success story

Digging into KLM’s Social Customer Service success story

[Interview] – If I asked you ‘what’s the best-known Social Customer Service case study?’ I guess you’d answer ‘Sure, it’s KLM!’. In fact it’s no secret that this brand is often mentioned either online and also in Social Customer Service conventions, as one of the best-in-class examples of successful integration of social channels into the contact center. So, before you might think I’ll tell an old story I have an announcement for you: Today I’m NOT going to tell you about KLM.

SustainableX book social media social business

Social Media? Social Business!

I had the honor to contribute to a book by the Dutch Foundation for Management Studies (SMS). The book covers the phases that most companies go through in becoming socially mature, and comes with dozens of great case studies. I provided input on how KLM transformed itself into the “world’s most socially devoted brand” (Social Bakers – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014). This book (in Dutch only) is a must-read for all companies – big and small – anxious or eager to move forward in the social media landscape.

SustainableX marketing rockstars Graz

Marketing Rockstars Festival

[Keynote] – With 2000 attendees, the second edition of the Marketing Rockstars Festival in Graz, Austria was fully sold out. I was invited to give a keynote during this very well organized and inspiring one-day event. Zooming in on online reputation and issue management, I felt a bit like the odd man out between all those marketeers. But at the same time I think my talk added an interesting layer to the event’s program just as well.

SustainableX Nepal earthquake relief campaign

Giro555 relief campaign after Nepal earthquake

On April 25, 2015, Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake. Days after the disaster, the SHO – a Dutch foundation of cooperative relief organizations including UNICEF and Red Cross – organized a nationwide campaign to raise money for the victims. Rather than having the usual TV studio set-up with a celebrity call panel, they were aiming to focus on social media for the first time. I proposed to support them with KLM’s facilities, expertise, and experience on social media.