SustainableX happiness

The ROI of happiness in Customer & Employee Experience

Regardless whether you believe in putting your clients first or your employees, we must agree with Zappos founder Toni Hsieh that your chances on running a successful business raise considerably when you deliver happiness. Needless to say, businesses will thrive most when both customers and employees experience joy.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Humans

The Internet of Things is all around us, both enabling and enabled by Artificial Intelligence. It is rapidly changing the face of customer service, marginalizing the role of humans by the day. Does that mean that personal attention as we know it is doomed? The simple answer is no. To the contrary!

SustainableX KLM's social customer service success story

Digging into KLM’s Social Customer Service success story

[Interview] – If I asked you ‘what’s the best-known Social Customer Service case study?’ I guess you’d answer ‘Sure, it’s KLM!’. In fact it’s no secret that this brand is often mentioned either online and also in Social Customer Service conventions, as one of the best-in-class examples of successful integration of social channels into the contact center. So, before you might think I’ll tell an old story I have an announcement for you: Today I’m NOT going to tell you about KLM.

SustainableX Nepal earthquake relief campaign

Giro555 relief campaign after Nepal earthquake

On April 25, 2015, Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake. Days after the disaster, the SHO – a Dutch foundation of cooperative relief organizations including UNICEF and Red Cross – organized a nationwide campaign to raise money for the victims. Rather than having the usual TV studio set-up with a celebrity call panel, they were aiming to focus on social media for the first time. I proposed to support them with KLM’s facilities, expertise, and experience on social media.