Facilitator, Detective & Plumber

The job description of a service professional

The job description of a service professional

The job description of a service professional


What does it take to be a great service professional? The answer: knowledge and mindset. A more than adequate knowledge of the product or service that you represent is indispensable if you want to quickly answer the majority of inquiries. Simultaneously, a solid mindset is needed to provide the best possible service. This mindset is the foundation of the way of working I promote, and can be squeezed in a simple three-word job description. You need to be a Facilitator, Detective and Plumber.


Being a facilitator means that you show true interest in your (potential) clients. Provide them a stage and encourage them to share their experiences. Although messaging apps are gaining popularity over public social media timelines, it’s ideal when they speak out openly – no matter how negative the comment. The reason is that it gives you the opportunity to not only show them, but the whole world, that you care.


In order to be of help to your customers, it is crucial that you understand the full context of a situation. This comes with collecting and analyzing all the information needed to make a proper assessment. Do not take things for granted, be self-critical and ask questions. When cases escalate, it is often because handlers failed to connect the dots.


As a Plumber you fix things. Not quick and dirty, but properly. When your bathtub is leaking and your downstairs neighbor starts knocking on your door, a good plumber is the hero that will come to your rescue. This is where creativity comes in and where you need to think in options, rather than limitations.

Job description of a service professional: you need to be a Facilitator, Detective and Plumber.

Facilitator – Detective – Plumber. See it as a mantra. When you have this top of mind with every single situation that you handle, you should be fine. Typically, being a successful facilitator is only the result of having been a proper detective and plumber.

In below video, I explain a bit more about this mindset. The talk is about social media servicing at KLM, but the mindset applies to any touchpoint with live agents. It is also described in the book Social Media? Social Business! that I had the honor to contribute to.

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Video recorded at the Marketing Rockstars Festival 2015 – Graz, Austria